The main objective of the “IoT based Sustainable Livestock Production from Farm to Fork” project (IoFarmTFork) is to demonstrate how DIGITALIZATION will allow livestock small or family livestock farms to be efficient (“producing more with less”) and sustainable but also to connect consumers with producers, generating new and high quality products which are traceable and trustable. A holistic beef production demonstrator, conducted by Ganadería Cumbres del Guadarrama a family livestock farm, combining rearing, fattening, transport and consumers’ aspects will be used as showcase. This use case will be complemented with other partial use cases with the aim of considering the variability of European beef production systems. The specific objectives of the project are:
– To improve resource efficiency and environmental impact of beef production systems
– To generate a series of decision-making tools for farmers
– To better inform consumers about production conditions

Call Call 2
Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative