HYGO is an innovative tool assisting farmers in applying plant protection products in the best possible conditions and thus increasing their efficiency. It helps to decrease the use of phytosanitary products by up to 40% and enables the use of biocontrol. That is why HYGO allows for more sustainable agricultural production. HYGO, consisting of an embarked connected weather sensor and an intelligent mobile application, has been tested and finalized in late 2019. With the help of the DIVA fund, the team which developed HYGO tests and demonstrates its benefits across different value chain actors (farmers, cooperatives, trading groups, R&D, plant protection products producers and customers) and across European countries (Czech Republic and France). To conduct both consumer and agronomic tests, Alvie, the founder of HYGO, a French technological startup, teams up with Agronomic Research institute in Kromeriz (Agrotest), a Czech agronomic research institute with a long tradition,

Call Call 2
Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative




Agrotest (Czech Republic)