The project aims to develop and commercialize an adaptive crop monitoring solution for farmers. The solution consists of a drone, a sensor to acquire useful data as well as a software based on artificial intelligence:
– The drone: This is a solar drone type glider, with possible coverage of the largest farms,
– The sensor: This is a multispectral sensor whose wavelengths are selected from several months of agronomic research with an accuracy of about 1 cm X 1 cm per pixel,
– Software: It will be able, with great precision and reliability, to detect the lack of fertilizer, the presence of weeds, diseases, and damage, to predict yields and to follow the growth of plants.
Moreover, this software will allow, always with the artificial intelligence to recommend the type of product to be spread in order to correct the problem.
Moreover, our software not require the use of a cloud:
– No need to send data: gain of time and avoid difficulties to send data.
– A quicker analysis: data are analysed directly.
To improve reliability in our analysis, we take account of all the interesting data for an agronomic analysis (weather, climate, geography, topology, analysis of soil …).

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