In Agrofood processing, cleaning of food contact surfaces is a critical prerequisite of Food Safety and Quality Management systems. Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) systems are used to clean internal food contact surfaces. CIP systems are big users of energy, water and cleaning chemicals. The next generation of CIP systems will be critical to the achievement of sectoral sustainability goals. 2e Technical Development Ltd have perfected a process, at pilot-scale, for the recovery of sodium hydroxide from the spent CIP solutions that are discharged from current CIP systems, enabling multiple re-use in a closed loop system. In this project this process will be integrated into a fully automated CIP system at the Mooreprak Technology Limited site to demonstrate the technical feasibility, operating efficiency and the cost savings associated with water & chemical re-use plus the contributions to sustainability achieved through reduced chemical discharges to wastewater treatment plants & energy consumption.

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Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
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