A greenhouse is a technical tool that requires daily monitoring and qualified human
intervention. The computer is an assistant in the decision-making process thanks to the data it
collects on climate management. Technical malfunctions are often detected too late, and the
associated repairs are costly, Although greenhouse maintenance can be carried out in two
approaches: preventive with regular human checks or corrective, most often implemented by
force of circumstance. The idea of ARIA is to develop an intermediate approach to greenhouse
maintenance. The objective is to use the data already collected by the computer to develop a
new failure detection process by identifying minor deviations while limiting the time for
human monitoring. To do this, ARIA will create a new network for processing this data in
order to develop a self-monitoring system for greenhouse mechanisms. With this project, we
wa nt to demonstrate the proof of concept of this idea.

Call Call 2
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Individual


ARIA Automatismes et Régulation Industrielle et Agricole