NAPA aims at providing the asparagus sector with a novel methodology (technology-based) to
determine the assimilation of nutrients (focus on potassium) in the field with the support of remote
sensing systems, guided plant sampling and advanced analytical methods.
The specific objectives are:
• To validate specific algorithms that describe the relationship between remote sensing data and
ground data (plant samples collected in the field) together with climate data.
• To validate asparagus growth curves for the season by using remote sensing data
• To validate nutrient assimilation strategies (with special focus on potassium) to improve the
fertilization calendar and doses.
• To test crop models to detect deficiency in potassium at plot scale. To evaluate the economic
feasibility of the procedure proposed.

Call Call 2
Voucher Business and Technology maturation
Type of proposal Collaborative


E-Stratos Geosystems


Agrocentro Don Benito