The OMD project made possible the development of a new digital tool called NEOLIVAR to manage and solve the problems related to the olive plant.
This web-software integrates the best experience of the consortium and the best literature, obtaining an intelligent and powerful tool. The main key of “NEOLIVAR” is to intelligently manage the olive pests and diseases, giving instructions to the technician on how to collect the samples according to the integrated agricultural practices, introduce them into the software and, finally, take the right decisions with the help of the artificial intelligence. The “NEOLIVAR” software automatically informs and alert if there is any risk and how to treat it.
By introducing this software in the olive sector, we are able to reduce input costs up to 60%, increase agricultural production and profits up to 30%, improve the quality of the final product, reduce chemical environmental pollution, and promote the Green Deal policy and Sustainable Agriculture.

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Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


Santa Cruz Ingenieria