Continuing the development of the formerly named YELL application, now known as OpusAgri, this dynamic application is developed to address the issue of labour shortage in agriculture across Europe. Lead by Grasstec Limited, OpusAgri is a convenient solution for farmers and farm workers alike, in line with the movement toward technology and digital advancements in agriculture. OpusAgri has been designed for farmers and farm workers to (i) find each other within a relatively local geographical area and (ii) link farmers and workers across countries. Variance of seasonality of farming enterprises across countries is now identified as the next opportunity for OpusAgri. New Zealand agriculture offers system similarities, including the dominance of grass-based and block calving patterns Accordingly, Grasstec Limited, is now looking to consider New Zealand for further internationalisation of the OpusAgri application and serve the agri-community in Europe, New Zealand and eventually the globe.

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Voucher Internationalization
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