Polaris Farm is a module integrated inside Polaris, a production management system whose first goal is the whole production process optimization, through a tracking people, resources and assets, managing proximity and modeling big data. Polaris Farm is the specific Polaris module that implements the nature of a farm production system, specifically the outdoor tracking and localization. Polaris Farm is served as an on-cloud service, following a pay-per-use model. The on-cloud systemis used to connect several kinds of devices such as BLE, LTE and NB-IoT beacons, Bluetooth gateways, Raspberry Pi devices… All these devices are used to load a huge amount of data to implement proximity and other complex functionalities. The implementation of advanced machine learning models and the proximity are the main innovative concepts introduced by Polaris, calculated using the communication among connected devices, which is the core of the interaction of the system with pepole and the environment.

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Voucher Business and Technology maturation
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