Adoption of suitable smart packaging technologies by the food industry can be useful to extend the shelf life, to improve quality, safety, and to provide information about the product either to the packaging manufacturer or even to the consumer, as a new way for advertisement. Research on these smart packaging technologies can result in further improvement of the existing system. The e-PACK4FOOD project is dedicated to the development of a new generation of smart packaging for the agrofood industry. The project aims to demonstrate the feasibility of embedding electronic intelligent functions directly on thermo-shrinkable sleeve, so that the process might be introduced later on production lines. As printed electronics will be used for the fabrication of the electronic components on the shrink sleeve, materials used for printing (inks, sleeve substrates) should be deeply studied. Thus, the DEMMOS company will use its expertise in microwaves treatments in order to characterize the materials and to determine the optimal conditions of ink cure, without damaging the shrink support.

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Voucher Business and Technology maturation
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