Winegrid 2.0 is a solution for real-time monitoring of wine vinificatiom a sensor-based platform that monitors the entire process in the cellar. Offers long-range wireless data communication solutions and cloud-based platform with state of the art data analysis techniques that enable data visualization and make analytical and automated reports, alarms and quality forecast. Secure, flexible computational platform and user-friendly personal dashboard where you can have real-time quality control of the wine/must. With the solution, you can get some values directly from your cellar as level, density, turbidity, color intensity and temperature of the wine in your barrels/tanks provided by smart devices sensors previous installed. With Winegrid 2.0 you can follow the whole process of wine production from the moment the grapes arrive to the cellar intul the wine is ready to be bottled in fast, easy and automatic way avoiding waste, wine alteration and problems caused by delayed intervention.

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