In the S-EAGER project, firstly, we will to deploy sensors in our Saffron fields in order to measure as much agricultural and biological data as possible (i.e., going from a traditional field to a smart field). We will develop a back-end engine which will collect all the data in an automated manner. Secondly, we will obtain a model which will be ‘region-independent’. Therefore, we will be able to thoroughly study new candidate lands to expand the Saffron plantation by means of the use of sensors. Finally, our model and machine learning techniques will dictate if a given candidate land is suitable for Saffron or not, consequently avoiding any major economic losses for local farmers. Moreover, the smart fields will allow us to optimize the techniques used nowadays while respecting the traditional aspects of it. For instance, we would be able to know with a higher accuracy when the Saffron flowers are going to bloom, which would allow us to employ the workforce in a more optimal manner. Another example is that we would be able to know when to water the field, consequently wasting less water in the overall process. Slow Philosophy aims at becoming a pivotal actor in rural areas, providing our own projects but also transferring our know-how to either already established businesses or
agricultural entrepreneurs. We tackle industrial and social problems by leveraging
advanced technology and bringing it to reality via agricultural, livestock or touristic

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