Iamus Technologies Limited is an Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Company based in Dublin, Ireland that has developed poultry specific technology that empowers poultry farmers to make better and safer production decisions. Over the last two years we have been working with poultry processors in identifying KPIs that our robots can continuously gather on the ground in poultry sheds and feedback instantly to both producer and the relevant personnel back at the processing plant. Results to date are impressive with automatic and accurate data recovery from the birds on every part of the floor and analysis with recommended real-time triage and intervention now possible. These factors are key in addressing the growing demands of modern, intensive broiler production with the Iamus platform meeting these requirements. As we enter the next phase of our development we are grateful for the support of DIVA and our partner AgriHealth to further enable Iamus to demonstrate the tremendous value we can bring to the poultry industry while sustainably helping to feed the world.

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