OliveSense proposes a large-scale demonstrator (in Spain and Portugal) of smart sensed irrigation system applied to irrigation crops, especially olive, to optimize the moment, and use of water according with the needs of the crops, achieving the maximum yield. OliveSense provides a smart Fertigation, system that monitors intelligent and responsible environmental and crops evolution variables to apply the water and fertilizers needed by the plant. The present project is composed by the whole value chain players: Brioagro – an IA product owner and Maher the irrigation product manufacturer. We count with the support of the end-users and potential Customers, which allows cross-border validation with the involvement of two additional stakeholders San José de los Cantosales” in Spain, and “Goudhina Farm” in Portugal.
Thus, we achieve savings in water, energy and fertilizers of more than 20% of those consumed so far, while reducing the percolation of excess fertilization to aquifers.

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Voucher Demonstration - Large scale
Type of proposal Collaborative


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