Quality control analyses become of fundamental importance in the last years and to ensure the supply of high-quality fruits, it is important harvest fruits at the proper degree of maturation. Harvest date is traditionally established using a series of visual and analytical analyses, generally destructive and highly time-consuming. The knowledge about the ripening evolution of stone-fruits will enhance the optimisation of the processes involved in all the chain value. In recent years non-destructive techniques, such as hyperspectral images analyses, have been developed at laboratory-scale to measure both internal and external characteristics related to the fruit ripening stage. The advantages of these techniques include fast execution, limited sample pre-processing and easy use in process control and grading systems. However, this technology is not established in real industrial environments yet. According to this issue and our previous experience on hyperspectral technology, CherisHiFT is focused on the monitorization of the stone-fruit in order to forecast its quality and yield. The results obtained will allow mainly the establishment of the optimum harvest time and the knowledge about the quality of the stone, foreseeing the most adequate destination for the fruits.

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