The goal of W360 is to create for the wine industry (and potentially for
fruit growing) an equivalent of the weather apps we all use on a daily
basis and to link the weather data to the phenological stages of the vine.
To fit the needs of the wine industry, the idea is to offer a web
application where the grape-grower or the winemaker can choose the exact
location of his dematerialized weather station. On this point, the user
will have access to the basic weather parameters (temperature, rain,
relative humidity, solar radiation, wind), a forecast, but also all the
parameters he needs to take agronomic decision depending on phenological
stages of the vine (Evapo-transpiration, vapor pressure deficit, growing
degree day) and model outputs (like disease models) from partners. The
business model of this precision agro-meteorology web service is typical
of a Software as a Service (SaaS): it’s a yearly subscription based on the
number of weather stations

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