DIVA National Contact Points

The DIVA National Contact Points (NCP) act Front Desk for queries at a national level. All stakeholders interested in the DIVA project or in any of its activities can formulate their queries or ask for support via email or phone call directly with your NCP.

Below, you can find the list of DIVA NCP. There are two different NCP for each country, depending on your company domain: an NCP for ICT/Tech companies and another one for agrofood, forestry and environment stakeholders. Choose your own NCP for a high quality of service.

The conversation with your NCP will be in your own language to make the communication easier.


Julien Del Rio
Julien Del RioFrench Contact Point for ICT domain
Project Manager in Innovation at DIGITALPLACE
Phone number: +335 34 31 41 98
Lydia Brunault
Lydia BrunaultFrench Contact Point for agrofood, forestry and environment domains
European Project Manager at Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation (ASOI)
Phone Number: +33 7 55 59 32 30


Xenophon Tsilimparis
Xenophon TsilimparisGreek DIVA NCP for ICT domain
Programme Management & Administration in GRNET

Thomas Bartzanas
Thomas BartzanasGreek DIVA NCP for Agrofood, Forestry & Environment domains
Director of Research and Deputy Director in CERTH/iBO


Thomas Byrne
Thomas ByrneIrish Contact Point for ICT domain
Post Doc at Teagasc
Phone number: +3532542691
Laurence ShallooIrish Contact Point for Agrofood, Forestry and Environment domains
Research Officer at Teagasc
Phone number: +35 32542306