The event was organised by the DIVA consortium, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network. An event dedicated to analysing the main outcomes of the three-year-project DIVA, presented, and summarised on this video summary: Summary video – EU Project DIVA 2021 – YouTube

Companies from all over the world (coming from 27 different countries) gathered to discuss the future of the agrifoodforestry and environment sectors. Together, they shared knowledge and expertise about the future trends and technologies. Furthermore, more than 210 networking meetings were scheduled through the B2Match platform intended to promote technical and business cooperation among participants.

During the plenary session in the morning, there were a slot dedicated to inspirational speakers coming from different sectors. Besides, there were time for some representatives of the DIVA Advisory Board to explain the main conclusions of the funded projects and what to ask for the next call. In the end of the morning, an Awards Ceremony was celebrated where the audience had also the power to select the winners.

These are the three winners (selected by the EU Project DIVA Consortium):

Best maturation project: LAND-Ho (@SCiO_systems)
Best demonstration project: C Clair Raison d’Alpes / Technivue/ Agriconnect
Best internationalization project: AgroplusMkt (@AgroInsider)

And these are the winners (selected by the audience):

Best maturation project: Digital Seed (@iMEANbiotech)
Best demonstration project: Honey.AI (@SonicatSystems)
Best internationalization project: HSR-GO (@Ecofilae)

In the afternoon, there were three different workshops dedicated to:

Workshop 1: EU funding opportunities for SMEs with Cristina Gouveia, National Agency of Innovation, Portugal

Workshop 2: Operational facilities, the necessary step to demonstrate digital innovations
– Maria Grazia Tommasini, CRPV, Italy
– Nicolas Nguyen The, DIVA Project Coordinator, Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation

Workshop 3: Feedbacks and recommendations to the European Commission

Feedbacks and recommendations to the European Commission (Interclustering session with invited projects)

  • DIVA / Nicolas Nguyen The, Coordinator of Project DIVA
  • VIDA project: Value-added Innovation in Food Chains / Francisca Medina Pappermann, manager at Centre of Expertise Water Technology (The Netherlands)
  • KATANA (Innosup 01): Emerging industries as key enablers for the adoption of advanced technologies in the agrifood sector / Milica Trajković – Head of Center for Innovation and Business Development at BioSense Institute (Serbia)
  • TRACK (COSME): Increase the competitiveness in the agrifood industry/ Nicolas Fegeant – International development manager at Vegepolys Valley (France)
  • NEFERTITI (H2020) Demonstration farms network / Luis Mira da silva – Associate Professor at the Instituto Superior de Agronomia / University of Lisboa and partner at CONSULAI (Portugal)
  • SS4AF partnership Smart Sensors for Agrifood / Veerle Rijckaert – Business Development & Internationalization